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            • Orthodox Christian - Prayer Book
            • Buddhist Temple
            • Salvation Army - Cross
            • Koran
            • Latter Day Saints - Young People and Tree
            • Bahai - Children Joy
            • Bahai - Singing at Devotional
            • Youth Panel
            • Bahai - Women Praying
            • Bahai - Talking About Spiritual Truths
            • Latter Day Saints - Wedding
            • Protestant Christian - Stained Glass Window
            • Hinduism - Festival
            • Judaism - Stained Glass
            • The Charter Vision of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation is to advocate for religion in a pluralistic society and in Canadian public life
            • We want to promote harmony and spiritual insight among religions and religious communities in Canada
            • We want to work for greater realization of the fundamental freedom of conscience and religion for the sake of the common good and an engaged citizenship

            Participants' forum

            Participants forum

            Participants in the Canadian Interfaith Conversation have an opportunity to find partners for their own projects or advocacy campaigns through the Conversation.

            Find out more >

            Become a participant

            Become a participant

            A wide variety of faith communities and faith-based organizations are current participants in the Canadian Interfaith Conversation.

            Find out more about how to join >

            What we're learning

            What we are learning

            Our conversations have led us to deeper insights into how we can contribute to the common good and heighten engaged citizenship in Canada.

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